Nuna Triv Stroller Review: Our Honest Thoughts and Experience

We surveyed 53 mommies, who used a total of 26 different brands of strollers. 

Here are our findings:

  • The more popular strollers are: Keenz, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Babyzen Yoyo, and GB
  • The top five considerations when choosing a stroller are: weight/bulkiness, price, foldability, safety and comfort for the baby.
I would recommend this stroller for parents looking for:

1. Magnetic buckles in the harness
2. Space-saving as it stands on its own when folded
3. All-wheel suspension with rubber tires
4. Double-facing lay-flat seat
5. Easy one-hand fold


Introduction to Nuna

About Nuna

Nuna is a Dutch company founded in 2007, known for its high-quality and stylish baby strollers, car seats and other baby gear products. Their strollers are known for their smooth maneuverability, compact folding mechanisms, and versatility to adapt to different terrains and lifestyles.

Nuna sells a range of pushchairs i.e. strollers, and today, you will be reading about the famous Nuna Triv stroller review.


Importance & Considerations of Strollers

Importance & Considerations

Mommies mainly considered the following factors when buying the best baby stroller: weight/bulkiness, price point, ease of folding, the safety aspect and if it was comfortable for their baby. 

There are many benefits to owning a stroller. A stroller keeps your baby close to you, and it also prevents parents from overstraining themselves from constant carrying. Most strollers can be folded easily and that makes travelling a lot easier. 


How Has It Been Using the Nuna Triv?

Personal Experience

Since our child was born, we have relied on the Nuna Triv stroller, and after 17 months of use, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. It has turned us into loyal fans of the Nuna brand, leading us to purchase another stroller – Nuna Trvl Compact Stroller – from them for traveling. 

Even when comparing the two models, we still prefer the Nuna Triv as our top choice. Our child also favors the Nuna Triv over other strollers, willingly sitting in it for longer periods of time. We’ve taken it everywhere in Singapore without any issues. 

The inclusion of spring suspension technology beneath the seat has provided our child with a smooth and enjoyable ride. It wasn’t until our child started napping in the stroller that we realized how essential this feature was. 

With other compact and lightweight strollers like the Doona car seat stroller, even the slightest bumps on the road would wake her up. However, she remains undisturbed and peacefully asleep when napping in the Nuna Triv.

Nuna Triv Stroller -  4-point position

The elevated seat also offers our child a better view of the world, which she seems to thoroughly enjoy. We are confident that we’ll continue to use this stroller for our next child and wholeheartedly recommend it to our loved ones. 

Despite the heavy use it has endured for nearly a year and a half, the stroller shows minimal signs of wear, a testament to the high-quality materials used in its construction.


Pros of the Nuna Triv


One-hand Fold With Generous Storage

As first-time parents, we scoured the market for various strollers before the arrival of our child, aiming to find a suitable option that aligned with our preferences and lifestyle. Our criteria included a blend of style and practicality. 

After watching countless stroller reviews and visiting local stores, we concluded that the Nuna Triv stroller is an exceptional product that excels in both aesthetics and functionality. 

One notable advantage of the Nuna Triv stroller is its compact design, which allows for effortless folding and convenient storage, particularly beneficial for our limited living space in a small apartment.

Despite its smaller size, it surprisingly offers a spacious and easily accessible storage basket, accommodating not only our diaper bag but also our grocery bags.

Nuna Triv Stroller -  One-hand Fold With Generous Storage image

Magnetic Buckle on the Harness 

With their MagneTech Secure Snap system, the self-guiding magnetic buckle automatically locks into place.

Video Credit: Nuna

This harness makes it a lot easier for me to secure my little one in, especially when she is struggling. I have started appreciating this magnetic buckle a lot more when I have problems buckling my child into her car seat, of another brand. 

Smooth Rides with Spring Suspension Technology

After testing various strollers at the store, we found that Nuna strollers, including the Nuna Triv, were highly maneuverable in Singapore. The strong wheels of the Triv offered great traction, allowing us to navigate smoothly even on rough terrain. The suspension system ensured a comfortable and smooth ride for our child, even on uneven surfaces.

Double Facing, 4 Position Recline

The Nuna Triv stroller boasts a unique double-facing lay-flat seat, offering us the ability to face our child while strolling. 

With its nearly flat recline capability, we didn’t require an additional carrycot and could use it right from when our child was a newborn. This feature is particularly valuable when we want to engage with our little one while on the move and it provides our child with the flexibility to choose whether to face forward or face us as she grows older.

Nuna Triv Stroller -  Double Facing, 4 Position Recline collage image

Height Adjustable Handlebar

Nuna Triv Stroller -  Height Adjustable Handlebar

The Nuna Triv stroller also impresses with its adjustable handlebar, which proves particularly beneficial for our family due to a significant height difference between my husband and me. Standing at 186cm tall, my husband often finds other strollers’ handlebars too low even when adjusted to their highest position.

Stylish and Premium-looking

Nuna Triv Stroller -  Stylish and Premium-looking

The Nuna Triv stroller offers luxurious touches that enhance its premium appeal. These include a leatherette-accented handlebar, a removable armbar, and a plush breathable merino wool insert. These features not only provide added comfort but also contribute to the stroller’s chic and stylish appearance.


Cons of the Nuna Triv


Harness Can Be Difficult to Adjust

We encountered some challenges when adjusting the stroller’s straps, which was particularly inconvenient, especially when dealing with a wriggling toddler in the seat.

Nuna Triv Stroller -  Harness Can Be Difficult to Adjust

The process of adjusting the straps required removing the insert, which added to the overall inconvenience.

Issues With the Removable Armbar Mechanism

Due to our toddler’s larger size, we faced challenges in placing her on or lifting her off the stroller’s seat without removing the armbar. Even when securing her with the harness, we felt it wasn’t sufficiently safe, particularly when she was moving around. 

Nuna Triv Stroller -  Issues With the Removable Armbar Mechanism

Ideally, we would prefer an armbar mechanism that effortlessly clicks back into place with a gentle push. Unfortunately, the Nuna Triv’s armbar requires significant force and trial and error to reattach, making it especially challenging when dealing with a restless toddler who is simultaneously attempting to escape from the harness.

Insufficient Coverage of Extendable Canopy in Lay-Flat Position

The Nuna Triv’s canopy provides adequate coverage in most seating positions, particularly when our child is seated upright. 

Nuna Triv Stroller -  Insufficient Coverage of Extendable Canopy in Lay-Flat Position photo 1

However, when our toddler prefers to lie flat for a nap, the fully reclined seat position leaves the canopy barely extending past her elbows, failing to block out sufficient light.

Nuna Triv Stroller - Insufficient Coverage of Extendable Canopy in Lay-Flat Position photo 2

To create a more suitable nap environment, we have resorted to using a swaddle or towel to cover the stroller. Nonetheless, we have concerns about covering the stroller as it can lead to excessive heat buildup, compromising air circulation and potentially putting children at risk of heatstroke.

Not the Lightest Stroller

Nuna Triv Stroller -  Not the Lightest Stroller image

Despite its compact design and suitability for urban environments, the stroller can be relatively heavy, particularly for petite users like myself. 

However, we consider this a reasonable trade-off for having a robust stroller with excellent suspension technology. Compared to other lightweight strollers we have tried, they do not provide the same level of sturdiness and safety.


Nuna Triv vs Triv Next vs Trvl

Comparison Across 3 Nuna Models

Here, we compare 3 models that Nuna offers – Nuna Triv, Nuna Triv Next and Nuna Trvl. The Nuna Triv Next is an upgraded version of the Nuna Triv, while the Nuna Trvl is considered as a Nuna Travel Stroller.

Weight (lbs)
Price (USD)
Ease of Folding
Double Facing
Use from Birth
Max Weight (kg)
Fully reclinable
Nuna Triv
Nuna Triv
1 hand
Nuna Triv Next
Nuna Triv Next
700 from Pish Posh
1 hand
Nuna Trvl
Nuna Trvl
500 from Pish Posh
1 hand

Comparing the Nuna Triv Stroller and the Nuna Triv Next Stroller, the latter has the following upgrades:

  • Larger rear wheels for a smoother ride
  • Folds up smaller than the Triv
  • A more ergonomically-shaped magnetic buckle, making it easier to use 
  • Improved brake function
  • Comes with an integrated footrest

Comparing the Nuna Triv Stroller and the Nuna Trvl Stroller, the Nuna Triv is still my top choice because of its sturdiness. However, I still do use the Nuna Trvl when I am out alone with my little one as it’s lighter for me to manage. 


Where to Buy the Nuna Triv Next

Where to Buy It

It appears that the Nuna Triv had been discontinued and one can only purchase the Nuna Triv Next stroller.


Overall Thoughts on Nuna Triv

Concluding Thoughts

Although the Nuna Triv is no longer available for purchase, we do recommend the upgraded version – Nuna Triv Next – as it offers the same great and upgraded features.

Despite the flaws that come with the Nuna Triv stroller, our experience for the past 1.5 years has been overwhelmingly positive. It has become our go-to stroller for daily use, and our child’s enjoyment and comfort in the stroller have further affirmed our satisfaction with the product. The stroller has proven to be durable, showing minimal signs of wear even after nearly a year and a half of heavy use.

I would recommend this stroller for parents looking for:

1. Magnetic buckles in the harness
2. Space-saving as it stands on its own when folded
3. All-wheel suspension with rubber tires
4. Double-facing lay-flat seat
5. Easy one-hand fold

In summary, the Nuna Triv stroller offers a compelling combination of style, functionality, and comfort. While it has a few minor flaws, its strengths outweigh them, making it a worthy investment for parents seeking a reliable and versatile stroller.

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