Cybex Mios Review: Is this Stroller Worth USD975?

When my husband and I were looking for a stroller back in early 2021, we visited the Mothercare store at HarbourFront Center expecting to spend about SGD700. But we walked out with a stroller purchase that cost us almost double the initial budget. After close to 2 years of use, do we feel that the Cybex Mios stroller is worth the price? 

The short answer is yes. We find that the comfort, functionality, and design justify its price. Read our Cybex Mios review below!

I would recommend the Cybex Mios to parents who are looking for a stroller that is:
  • Comfortable and steady
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easy to fold and store

Introduction to the Cybex Mios Stroller

About Cybex Mios

The Cybex Mios stroller is a compact city stroller designed for urban parents – it combines safety, design, and functionality. The Cybex Mios stroller frame is compatible with 4 different attachments so as to meet the needs of you and your child while you are on the go.

Side views of 4 Cybex Strollers featuring different attachments

Image Credit: Cybex Official Site

  • For ultimate lie-flat comfort for your newborn, attach the Lux Carry Cot
  • For a lightweight alternative attachment that is suitable for traveling with newborns, pick the Mios Lite Cot. 
  • If you would like to switch between car and foot seamlessly, the Cloud Z i-Size infant car seat is ideal. 
  • If you would like to get a seat that lasts you from the newborn to toddler phase or you have multiple children sharing the stroller like me, then go for the Mios seat pack.

What to Look Out For When Choosing A Stroller

Pie chart showing top considerations when choosing a stroller

When choosing the best baby stroller, many of the mommies we surveyed considered factors such as weight/bulkiness, price, foldability, safety, and comfort for the baby.

Like many of the mommies surveyed, my husband and I had foldability and comfort as our top considerations before choosing our stroller. We went to a store to test and compare different strollers before deciding on one and we would highly recommend new parents do the same. It’s important to try out features like the folding mechanism and feel the material in person since it might be one of the costlier purchases for your baby. After testing out the strollers in person, you can then consider purchasing them online after comparing prices to get the best deal!

Before purchasing a stroller, it is worth noting these top pieces of advice from the mommies surveyed, besides the considerations above:

  • Frequency of usage or purpose: how often will you use it, and think about the occasions you need to use the stroller for 
  • Mileage: get a stroller that you can use from birth to toddlerhood 
  • Sturdiness: If budget allows, get a sturdier stroller because people may bump into your stroller while you’re out and about. Lightweight strollers may not offer that kind of protection
  • Having more than one: you can consider having more than one stroller for various reasons. You can own one for jogging and one for traveling around.

How I Feel About the Cybex Mios

Personal Experience
Baby testing Cybex Stroller with Mios Seat Pack

For both of our children, we have used the Cybex Mios stroller (with the Mios Seat Pack) since they were newborns. In their first few months, we followed a daily routine of going for an evening walk before bedtime. This practice was established to counter the “witching hour” where they tend to be fussier and being outdoors helped calm them down. Instead of using a baby carrier, we pushed them around in the Cybex Mios so that it’s more comfortable for them. They also got to see more of their surroundings once they had longer awake windows and were more curious. 

In the newborn phase, the ability to switch to a backwards-facing orientation was helpful since we could check on them easily and they would feel more assured looking at us too. Now that our second child is slightly older, we only use the forward-facing orientation. Switching between both orientations is easy and can be done on your own in just a few seconds. 

Be it indoors in malls or outdoors in parks, we found the Cybex Mios to be steady even on uneven surfaces. You can “feel” the suspension when pushing the stroller and this was one of the key points that attracted us to the stroller when we tested it out at the Mothercare store. Coupled with the soft and breathable inlay and large canopy, our children would often rest comfortably and even take long naps when we were out.

We also like the ease of folding the stroller, especially when facing forward. As we usually load the stroller in our car boot after we secure the children in their car seats, it’s a bonus that we can do it fast to keep the children from waiting too long. It’s also quite flat when folded so it doesn’t take up too much space in the car boot.

Relative size comparison of cybex stroller in car boot

Pros of the Cybex Mios

All-wheel suspension

The all-wheel suspension offers a comfortable ride for your little one, even on bumpy surfaces. As comfort for my child was my top consideration before purchasing a stroller, this appealed to me a lot. When my husband and I tried out many strollers at the Mothercare store, the Cybex Mios stroller stood out because it felt so sturdy and steady.

One-hand recline and fold

Reclining and folding the Cybex Mios stroller can both be done with one hand, allowing you always to have one hand free to hold your baby. For my husband, this was his top consideration before purchasing a stroller. After trying out the folding mechanisms of different strollers at the Mothercare store, we felt that while the Cybex Mios stroller did not have a one-touch folding system like some other strollers, it was easy enough for us to fold and load into our car.

Slim and stylish design
Close-up shots of Cybex Stroller

Image Credit: Cybex Official Site

The Cybex Mios stroller is known for its slim and stylish design, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. At just 50cm wide, it can weave through busy sidewalks and crowded malls. It is available in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing parents to choose one that best fits their personal style. My husband and I decided on the black seat and rose gold frame. Even though the rose gold frame cost us an extra SGD300, we felt that it elevated its overall style and we still love its look after almost 2 years.

Reversible and breathable seat

The seat can be easily switched to face forward or backwards and you can remove the seat fabric to reveal a breathable mesh underneath. These features make the ride on the stroller enjoyable and comfortable for your little one, even on warm days. Combined with its fully reclinable feature, our children have been able to rest and nap comfortably in the stroller.

Self-standing when folded
Side view of Cybex Stroller when folded.

Image Credit: Cybex Official Site

The Cybex Mios stroller can stand upright on its own when folded, making it easier to store in small spaces. It measures just 65 x 50 x 30cm when folded. This is particularly useful when you are out and about, such as dining out or traveling on public transportation.

Large and waterproof canopy

The Cybex Mios stroller has a UPF50+ sun canopy that protects your child against sun, wind, and rain. Compared with other strollers, the canopy seems larger and provides good coverage for your children. While we did not have this as a consideration initially, we have found this useful since we head outdoors to places like parks with our children quite often.


Cons of the Cybex Mios

Cannot one-hand fold when facing backwards

To use the one-hand fold feature of the Cybex Mios stroller, the seat has to be forward-facing. If the seat is backwards-facing, you must change the seat orientation to forward-facing before folding the stroller. This would probably be the case in the first few months as you and your baby would feel more secure looking at each other. 

However, this issue lasted only for about 3 months for our children as they prefer to look forward once they become more curious about their surroundings.

Narrow storage basket

Due to its slim frame, the storage basket at the bottom of the Cybex Mios stroller is quite narrow so it is difficult to put a large diaper bag, even though it has a storage weight of 5kg. Hence, we decided to get stroller straps to secure our diaper bag on the handlebar instead. This gives us easier access to essentials like wet wipes. Even though our diaper bag can be heavy at times (to cater to 2 children), the stroller does not fall backwards when our children are not seated in the stroller.


Cybex Mios vs Bugaboo Butterfly vs Babyzen YOYO²

Comparison Against Other Strollers
<br>PRICE (usd)
Double facing
Storage weight
can be used from
max weight/age
accepted as carry-on
fully reclinable
dimensions<br>(height x length)
dimensions(folded)<br>(height x length)
Product photo of Cybex Mios Stroller with Mios Seat Pack.
Cybex Mios (with Mios Seat Pack)
899.95 – 1069.95
1 hand
From birth to 22kg
65cm x 30cm
Bugaboo Butterfly 3
1 hand
6 months to 22kg
4 years
45cm x 23cm
Product image for Babyzen Yoyo Stroller.
Babyzen YOYO²
(6+ pack)
2 hands
6 months to 22kg
52cm x 18cm

Image Credit: Cybex Official Site, Bugaboo Official Site, and Pramfox

While the Bugaboo Butterfly 3 and Babyzen YOYO² are also great stroller options, we picked the Cybex Mios over them because we found that it was an all-rounder in terms of design, maneuverability and ease of folding, after trying all strollers in store. 

One downside of the Cybex Mios, however, is that it is not cabin-size and hence may not be ideal for travelling. It is more suitable for daily use.


Places to Purchase the Cybex Mios

Where to Buy

Overall Thoughts on the Cybex Mios

Concluding Thoughts

After 2 years of using our Cybex Mios stroller, we think the high price is justified. We find the quality and design of Cybex strollers unrivaled, and we even recently purchased a Cybex Libelle, a cabin-friendly stroller, for our upcoming travel.

We would recommend the Cybex Mios to parents who are looking for a stroller that is:

  • Comfortable and steady
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easy to fold and store

To end off this post, I would like to give thanks to the sweetest mommies, who replied us amidst their busy schedules to make this review possible:

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