Baby Jogger City Select Review: Our Honest Experience and Verdict

We surveyed 53 mommies, who used a total of 26 different brands of strollers. Here are our findings:

  •  The top five considerations when choosing a baby stroller are: weight/bulkiness, price, foldability, safety and comfort for the baby.
  • Mommies with more than one child typically invest in a double stroller. In this case, it is the expandable Baby Jogger City Select.

Read our Baby Jogger City Select review below!

I would recommend the City Select for families who:
  • Wants the option of converting a single stroller to a double (or triple) stroller to accommodate more kids 
  • Likes the unconventional idea of a handbrake
  • Likes to have multiple seat configurations in the stroller
  • Prefers tandem strollers as compared to those side by side with narrow seats

Introduction to Baby Jogger

About Baby Jogger

As a well-known brand in the stroller world for almost 40 years, it would not come as a surprise to know that they have a total of 4 types of strollers to cater to parents of different lifestyles. 

From the all-terrain to jogging, to compact and lightweight, to double strollers for growing families, the Baby Jogger is a brand that fits all.


Considerations When Choosing A Stroller

Importance and Considerations

One might think that owning a stroller is not a priority for the first few months of a newborn. Being small and light enough to babywear all the time, you might not feel the need for a stroller.

There are several benefits to owning a baby stroller. Being in a stroller keeps your baby safe and comfortable while close to you, and also prevents parents from overstraining themselves from constant babywearing.

Fret not, it is never too late to own a stroller once you know the type that suits you and your baby the most. 

Mommies mainly considered the following factors when buying a stroller: weight/bulkiness, price point, ease of folding, the safety aspect and if it was comfortable for their baby.

Certain occasions call for different strollers. Compact, lightweight and cabin-sized ones for frequent travellers who prefer to have their strollers stowed above them during a flight. Big, sturdy ones with air-filled wheels big enough to handle any terrain for parents with active lifestyles. 

A stroller that’s able to keep up with your growing family is a big plus. Think ahead when purchasing a stroller, in case you plan to have a second or third child. 


How Do I Feel About the Baby Jogger City Select?

Personal Experience

I came across the Baby Jogger after researching different types of double strollers. Having used four other different brands of strollers, I decided that the City Select was the most versatile stroller in the market that suits my family best.

As first-time parents, it was intimidating to choose and decide on that ONE stroller that would suit our lifestyle the most. Figuring that we would be expanding our family in the near future, we contemplated replacing the first stroller that we bought with one that is able to convert to a double stroller. 

Space constraints at home were another factor that helped us make up our minds to own an all-in-one stroller that can be expanded to fit another child when needed.

Baby riding in the Baby Jogger City Select stroller

We travel with our toddler using public transport most of the time. The City Select has a huge storage basket that I’m most impressed with. It can carry a heavy load of groceries and personal belongings while being able to manoeuvre smoothly. This was one of its selling points as I love to keep my hands free as much as possible. I managed to squeeze a big tote bag plus my cabin-size luggage into the storage basket, took trains and strolled along cobbled streets during our holiday in Berlin! Just imagine my joy.

I loved the fact that the brake system is hand-operated – just a simple flip to activate the brakes.  It can be a saving grace, especially during rare times when parking on slopes. With the stroller bag hanging on the parent handlebar, it blocks the view of the foot brake and sometimes you think you stepped on the brake fully but you didn’t, and wonder why the stroller is starting to roll. Also, sandals-friendly. Your toes will thank you 😉 

One thing to note is – to be alert when the child is seated facing you as those curious hands may reach out and try to pull the handbrake.

Collage of strollers available on Baby Gallery
Image Credit: Baby Gallery

Another selling point about the City Select was its multiple seat configurations. There are 16 combinations you can switch about, it’s amazing! With extra accessories, you could essentially fit an infant, a toddler, and even a third child all in the stroller. What is this sorcery, I ask myself all the time. This leads to my favourite feature further explained below. 


Pros of the Baby Jogger City Select

Hand-operated brake

A novel idea – a hand-operated brake! 

This was useful for me as a foot brake may be covered if the under-storage basket is full. Hence, with a hand-operated brake, I need not fumble to look for the foot brake while trying to balance myself.

16 Configurations – single, double, or triple stroller

You can convert their single stroller to a double stroller with an additional second seat. When riding tandem, it can be stacked up stadium-style seating so both children get the same front or back view. To include a third child, you can buy a glider board to be attached to the stroller. 

With their car seat adapter, you can create a travel system with their car seats, or Graco car seats. You could also purchase Baby Jogger’s travel system right from the start. 

With these different accessories and configurations, it can suit a growing family. It could also give parents more flexibility if they are planning to have a second kid.

Large comfortable seat with multiple recline positions

With multiple recline positions, parents can find a position comfortable for a curious toddler, or a sleeping baby.

Pictures of baby sleeping in the Baby Jogger City Select stroller
Spacious under storage

With a 15lbs (6.8kg) under-storage basket, parents find it useful whenever they are heading out – no more carrying diaper bags anymore!

Wheels built for comfort

With front-wheel suspension with never-flat wheels and all-terrain tires, parents need to worry about the comfort of their sleeping baby in the stroller. 

In Singapore, we may not feel the need for all-terrain tires with front-wheel suspension as we are blessed with relatively flat roads. However, in European countries, cobbled streets are common sights and it is crucial to have suspension and all-terrain tires.


Cons of the Baby Jogger City Select

Bulky and heavy

For a single stroller, it can be quite heavy – 26.71 lbs (12.11kg). For parents who are looking for a lightweight and foldable stroller, this may not be it for you. 

Mommies actually recommended that fellow mommies try pushing and folding the stroller independently so you can gauge if this stroller is easy to handle for you. 

No automatic lock when folded

This was something to note especially if you are handling a child and a stroller alone. Nevertheless, you could grab the stroller with two hands and that would solve the problem.


Places to Purchase the Baby Jogger City Select

Where to Buy

Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller


Overall Thoughts on the Baby Jogger City Select

Concluding Thoughts

I would recommend the City Select for parents who want:

  • To invest in a stroller which can grow along with the family
  • Lots of customisations and configurations with the use of a second seat, infant car seats and/or bassinets, plus a glider board for the older kid. You’re basically covered for all stages throughout their childhood.

Ultimately, choose a stroller according to YOUR lifestyle, YOUR favourite features, and YOUR budget.

To end off this post, I would like to give thanks to the sweetest mommies, who replied me amidst their busy schedules to make this review possible:

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