Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe for Babies? The Best Alternatives for Your Child’s Safety

You’ve likely heard about weighted blankets for adults – they provide gentle pressure that’s meant to reduce stress and promote better sleep. Well, a weighted sleep sack takes that same cozy concept and scales it down for babies and toddlers.

These wearable blankets have extra weight distributed throughout, ranging from a few ounces to around 1.5 pounds. The added weight mimics the soothing sensation of being cuddled or swaddled. It’s like getting a constant, gentle hug to help your little one settle in and snooze more soundly.

But given the pressure being applied to your baby’s chest, are weighted sleep sacks safe for use? In this article, I’ll break down the opinions of experts and regulatory bodies, and share the best alternatives to help your little one sleep soundly and safely.


Who Am I?

Why You Should Trust Me

Hello! I’m a mom of one, and I’ve only used a normal sleep sack for my daughter when we were in Germany, fighting the cold winter.

Back in Singapore, I didn’t use a sleep sack as I didn’t see a need to. However, in Germany, the cold winter meant a really cold room, and I felt the need to get my daughter a wearable blanket to keep her warm at night.

Since I did not use a weighted sleep sack, I sought help from 24 fellow mommies who did!

Out of 24 mommies, only two used weighted sleep sacks, while the others used normal ones. 

I also spoke to 3 sleep experts to better understand how sleep sacks help, or not, a baby to sleep better:


Weighted sleep sacks have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their purported ability to soothe and calm babies, promoting better sleep. According to NPR, manufacturers claim that the gentle pressure provided by the added weight in these sleep sacks can mimic the comforting sensation babies experience when being held, potentially reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of security.

Many parents have also reported positive experiences with weighted sleep sacks, claiming that their babies sleep longer and more soundly after using these products. With the desire for better sleep, especially among exhausted new parents, weighted sleep sacks have undoubtedly garnered much interest globally.


Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe?

Safety Concerns

While weighted sleep sacks have gained a devoted following, they have also faced scrutiny from medical experts and organizations. As of the publication of this article, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the independent federal regulatory agency that protects the public from unsafe products, advise parents against using weighted sleep sacks for their children.

The added weight could place too much pressure on a baby’s developing chest and lungs, increasing the risk of suffocation or impaired breathing. Additionally, the deep sleep promoted by these products could make it harder for babies to rouse themselves, posing a potential risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Furthermore, according to Anahita, one of the experts we spoke to, scientific research on the efficacy and safety of weighted sleep sacks for infants is limited. While a few small studies have looked at weighted blankets in NICUs, these don’t necessarily prove safety for at-home infant use. As such, she has expressed her reservations about using weighted products for children under 4 years of age.


Recommended Regular Non-Weighted Sleep Sacks

Alternatives to Weighted Sleep Sacks

Due to the safety concerns associated with weighted sleep sacks, it’s best for parents to avoid using these products for their little ones until solid safety evidence emerges.

Why Didn't You Use a Weighted Sleep Sack

Based on our survey with 22 mommies, 92% chose not to use a weighted sleep sack mainly because they heard it was unsafe and didn’t see the need to use one. Instead, many mommies opted for regular, non-weighted sleep sacks to create a cozy sleeping environment for their babies. These are their favourite sleep sacks:

Top Favourite And Most Commonly Used Sleep Sack

Top Favourite: Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

  • Easy to wear
  • Provides appropriate warmth
  • Baby sleeping better
  • Long mileage
  • Price

The Kyte Baby Sleep Bag is a top-selling sleep sack that is adored by parents for its ability to help babies fall and stay asleep, giving you the rest you need. Not only does it promote safe sleep practices, but it also makes diaper changes a breeze and regulates your baby’s temperature. And let’s not forget about the incredibly soft texture!

Our mommies’ review
Top 3 Factors You Love About The Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

Out of 24 moms, 5 have used the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag. They raved about how it kept their baby warm in a room with an average temperature of 21°C, and how easy it was to wear. Plus, transitioning from a swaddle to this sleep sack was a breeze for most mommies. 

While 2 mommies considered the Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Sacks, they ultimately chose the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag because they didn’t want to deal with complicated washing instructions and preferred having different sleep sacks with varying TOG ratings.

  • Easy to wear
  • Helps reduce Moro Reflex
  • Baby sleeping better
  • Provides appropriate warmth
  • Price

The Love To Dream Swaddle Up is a popular sleep sack among mommies – out of 24 mommies, 5 of them use this sleep sack for their little ones. This sleep sack has the ability to keep your baby warm in a room with an average temperature of 25.5°C and can help your baby sleep longer.

Additionally, the patented ‘wing tips’ of the Love To Dream Swaddle Up allow your baby to sleep in a natural position with their arms up. This gives them access to their hands and promotes better sleep.

Our mommies’ review
Top 3 Factors You Love About The Love To Dream Swaddle Up

One of the mommies we surveyed shared that she used the Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag, and its removable sleeves allowed her baby to adapt to the use of a sleep sack from birth.

Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Sacks

  • Provides appropriate warmth
  • Long mileage (can be used between 2-24 months)
  • Price
  • Some mommies preferred different sleep sacks with different TOG ratings

The Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleeping Bag is a carefully crafted product made from the finest Australian merino wool. It has been designed to provide your little one with the most restful and peaceful slumber possible.

Not only is the Woolino sleep sack exceptionally cozy, but it also ensures that your baby remains at an optimal body temperature throughout the year. With Woolino’s innovative one-size-fits-all approach, you will not have to worry about constantly buying new sleep sacks as your child grows. This sleep sack will accommodate your baby for up to two years of age!

Our mommies’ review
Top 3 Factors You Love About The Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Sack

From our survey, 3 out of 24 mommies have used the Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Sack. They love it for its long mileage and the fact that it can be worn throughout all 4 seasons. One mom even mentioned that it helps her baby get comfortable with the sleep sack and eliminates the need to constantly change it as temperatures fluctuate.

  • Ease of wearing
  • Provides appropriate warmth
  • Baby sleeps better with the sleep sack
  • Helps reduce Moro Reflex
  • Not easily found in Singapore (something to note for our Singaporean parents!)

The HALO Sleep Sack is an innovative product that creates a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one. It has been used by many hospitals due to its design which eliminates the potential hazards associated with sleep-related accidents.

With its sleeveless design, the HALO Sleep Sack effectively minimizes the risk of overheating, ensuring your baby stays comfortable and safe throughout the night. Moreover, it can be worn over regular sleepwear, making it a convenient and affordable option for parents.

Our mommies’ review
Top 3 Factors You Love About The HALO Sleep Sack

Out of 24 mommies, 3 of them opted for the HALO Sleep Sack due to its ease of wearing and affordability. In fact, one mommy considered the Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Sack but eventually decided on the HALO Sleep Sack due to its price.

ergoPouch Cocoon Sleep Swaddle Sack

  • Armhole snaps to go from arms swaddled in to arms free
  • Super stretchy
  • Helps baby sleep longer
  • Helps reduce Moro Reflex
  • Huge range of sleep sacks with different TOG ratings
  • Price

With its simple zip-up feature, the Cocoon Swaddle Sack eliminates the need for any complicated swaddling techniques. This sleep sack keeps your baby snug and secure from day one, and you will not have to worry about your baby escaping from it.

Additionally, the Cocoon Swaddle Sack has a 1.0 TOG rating, ensuring your little one stays warm and cozy all night long.

  • Used as a sleep cue
  • Keeps baby comfortable during summer
  • Size runs small (max 24 months)

Made from bamboo fibers, the Baa Baa Sheepz wearable blanket is crafted to provide optimal comfort for your little one, no matter the time of day or weather conditions. It can maintain a temperature that is 2 – 3 degrees cooler in warm weather, and 2 – 3 degrees warmer in cold weather. This means that your baby will always be snug and cozy, without the discomfort of overheating or feeling too cold.

Furthermore, being made with 5% spandex, this sleep sack features a unique stretchiness that mimics the sensation of a deep hug. This promotes a sense of security and relaxation for your baby, helping them sleep better and longer.


Weighted Sleep Sacks That Have Passed CPSC Safety Standards

Potential Weighted Sleep Sacks

If you’re considering using a weighted sleep sack for your little one, 2 well-known brands to explore are Dreamland Baby and Nested Bean. Both brands of weighted sleep sacks meet safety standards established by the CPSC, though it’s generally advised to avoid using them altogether.

It’s crucial to carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a weighted sleep sack before making a purchase, prioritizing your child’s safety above all else. Additionally, make it a point to consistently check on your child to ensure they’re adjusting well to the weighted sleep sack.

  • Baby sleeping better
  • Easy to wear
  • Long mileage
  • Expensive
  • Too thick
  • Note: Weighted sleep sacks aren’t recommended by AAP
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The Dream Weighted Sleep Sack was crafted in collaboration with NICU nurses, pediatricians and sleep consultants. It has undergone a comprehensive range of safety assessments, material evaluations and durability tests to ensure that it provides a calming and restful sleep for your little one.

The sleep sack’s exclusive CoverCalm® Technology ensures that the weight is evenly distributed from your baby’s shoulders to toes. As such, there is a natural reduction of stress and an increased sense of security and comfort, akin to a warm embrace.

Our mommies’ review

One of the mommies we surveyed shared that her baby experienced severe sleep regression, resulting in difficulties managing their sleep patterns. However, with the use of the Dream Weighted Sleep Sack, her baby was able to sleep better.

  • Affordable
  • Cuddle Pad technology (weight calibrated to soothe like your touch)
  • Easy accessibility
  • Note: Weighted sleep sacks aren’t recommended by AAP

Crafted from 100% breathable cotton, the Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack promotes self-soothing and improves sleep quality. It has successfully completed numerous assessments to meet mandatory and voluntary standards for children’s products, including those related to construction, flammability and overall safety.

Moreover, it has also been subjected to the brand’s CO2 rebreathing and suffocation test to guarantee that it’s safe for use with babies. Being machine-washable, this sleep sack’s upkeep is easy and convenient.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sleep Sack

How to Choose a Sleep Sack
Top 3 Considerations When Choosing a Sleep Sack

The top three considerations when mommies choose a sleep sack are:

  • TOG rating 
  • If it regulates the baby’s temperature
  • Whether it is soft and cool to touch

Other considerations include brand, design, long mileage and price.

Top Consideration: TOG Rating

The Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) rating is a universally recognized measurement that indicates how warm the sleep sack will keep your little one.

A lower TOG rating indicates a thinner material, which is more appropriate for warmer temperatures. Such sleep sacks are known as lightweight or summer sleep sacks. On the other hand, sleep sacks with a higher TOG rating are thicker and would be more comfortable for your little one during winter.

According to Love to Dream, a sleep sack with a 0.2 TOG rating is suitable for room temperatures between 24°C to 27°C, while a sleep sack with a 3.5 TOG rating is suitable for room temperatures below 16°C.


Mommies whom we surveyed mentioned that they prefer sleep sacks that are breathable and gentle on the baby’s skin. They also mentioned that easy-to-clean, machine-washable sleep sacks are ideal since they would help save a lot of time.


It’s the top priority of reputable brands to ensure that your little one is always safe and comfortable, giving you the peace of mind you need as a parent. Moreover, these brands are often highly reviewed and recommended by other mommies who have already experienced the benefits of their products.


Investing in a sleep sack that fits snugly around your baby’s shoulders and arms is crucial for their safety and comfort. With a properly fitting sleep sack, you can rest easy knowing that your little one won’t slip inside and potentially suffocate. Hence, when choosing a sleep sack for your baby, ensure there’s enough room for your baby’s hips and legs to move freely, without being overly loose or tight.


The design may not be the primary concern with baby products, but some smart design features can be really handy at times! For example, look for sleeveless styles for when babies start rolling, zippers for easy diaper changes and closed bottoms to keep feet toasty.

Moreover, visually appealing designs can add a touch of joy to your daily routine with your little one!


If you decide to use a weighted sleep sack, choose one with the appropriate weight for your baby’s size and age since many sleep sacks come in different weight options. You should also follow the weight guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the sleep sack.

Moreover, you should opt for a sleep sack where the weight is evenly distributed and the pressure is applied gently to your baby’s body without causing discomfort or restricting movement.


Final Thoughts on Weighted Sleep Sacks

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I think weighted sleep sacks aren’t worth the potential risk. Our babies’ safety has to come first. There are plenty of other safe alternatives like non-weighted sleep sacks and pajamas which can help our little ones sleep soundly without adding weight.

Should you choose to use a weighted sleep sack, I recommend weighing the pros and cons, and constantly monitoring your child while they’re sleeping before trusting the sleep sack.

I hope that through this article, you were able to find a sleep sack that suits your needs and lifestyle!


Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Sacks


To end off this post, I would like to give thanks to the sweetest mommies, who completed the survey amidst their busy schedules to make this review possible:

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