Urban Kanga Review: Is the Portable Car Seat Worth It?

The Urban Kanga car seats are perfect for parents who are always on the move, and tend to take taxi rides or carpool often. 

I would recommend this car seat to parents who are looking for something:

  • Portable
  • For short trips
  • To use during GRAB rides

Introduction of Urban Kanga

Urban Kanga

Urban Kanga’s portable car seats offer the solution for parents who use multiple vehicles, car share, car pool, taxis or like to travel with their children. Their portable car seats reduce space and make it easier to bring along wherever you go. 

Urban Kanga offers 2 models – Uptown and Wallaroo

Both Uptown and Wallaroo are designed for forward facing installation only. Also, every purchase comes with a carry case for extra convenience.

Child’s weight
Child’s age/height
Product weight
Height positions
Urban Kanga Uptown product image
Urban Kanga Uptown
9 months – 4 years
2 (adjustable headrest)
Urban Kanga Wallaroo product image
Urban Kanga Wallaroo
3 – 12 years

Importance & Considerations about Car Seats

Importance and Considerations

Car seats save lives and hence, using a car seat is compulsory in almost every country. The best car seat is one that fits your child’s weight, size and age, as well as your vehicle. 

Here are some considerations when buying a car seat: if it’s approved, mileage, ease of installation, and legroom. 


How Do I Feel About It?

Personal Experience 

As my daughter (as of November 2022) is currently 2 years old and weighing 12kg, I chose to buy the Uptown model. With the Uptown model, I can ideally still use it up to 4 years old. I also preferred it because of its weight — 3kg.

I have used the Urban Kanga several times while carpooling with others and I love it for its:

  • Carrying case (it makes it easier to bring the car seat around)
  • Weight (only 3kg and super manageable)
  • Slim and sleek design (it was still comfortable and spacious in the backseat despite fitting 2 adults and 1 baby)

I once used it on a short road trip to another city in Germany and the ride was an hour long. The Urban Kanga was comfortable when my daughter was awake. However, when she was falling asleep, she would fidget a lot because the seat was too upright. 

Hence, my concerns about the Urban Kanga would have to be:

  • Lack of impact protection
  • Uncomfortable to sleep in it 

In a nutshell, I feel that for rides where you foresee your child to be awake, the Urban Kanga would have been an ideal solution. 


What Is Good?


Easy to set up 

With just the car’s seat belt, you can simply slot the seat belt into the car seat to secure it down. 

Portable, easy to bring around 

Weighing only 3kg, this foldable car seat allows you to bring it around easily. It is also foldable, and hence, making it more portable. 

Safety Certification

According to Urban Kanga, all products are tested and certified to meet or exceed European safety regulations and carry the ECE R44/04 safety certification. This product is a portable child restraint system. Correctly installed and with the child securely fastened, this seat is a safety device in the case of an accident.

Includes lightweight carry case

With every purchase, Urban Kanga includes a lightweight carry case where you can carry the car seat with ease.

Urban Kanga set up on the back seat

Sleek Design

With a normal car seat, it is usually very crampy at the back seat if you were to fit two adults and a car seat. The Urban Kanga’s sleek design frees up space at the back seat, making it comfortable to fit two adults behind too. 


What Is Not So Good?


Insufficient protection

According to ADAC, an automobile club in Germany that does child car seats crash tests, the Urban Kanga Uptown unfortunately did not provide sufficient protection in the event of a side impact. 

Hence, I would not recommend the Urban Kanga Uptown or the Wallaroo as your main car seat. You can use it as a portable car seat. Should you own a car, you should invest in a better car seat with ISOFIX and impact protection. For infants, I would recommend the Doona car seat stroller.

Discomfort while sleeping

As the Urban Kanga’s seat is quite upright, it is not as comfortable to fall asleep in it. Hence, if you are planning for a road trip where you foresee your child falling asleep, this might not be the car seat for you. 


Places to Purchase

Where to Buy

Overall Thoughts

Concluding thoughts
Baby girl sitting on the Urban Kanga car seat

I would recommend this car seat to parents who are looking for something:

  • Portable 
  • For short trips
  • To use during GRAB rides

I would not use this car seat as my main car seat as there’s simply insufficient protection. If you own a car, I would recommend that you get a proper car seat with sufficient protection, and probably one that is convertible for longer mileage.

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