Haenim UV Sterilizer Review: Is It The Best UV Steriliser?

We surveyed 45 mommies who used a total of 10 different brands of bottle sterilizers. Here are our main findings:

  • The top 3 considerations when buying bottle sterilizers are: 99.9% sterilisation, multi-purpose sterilization and drying function.
  • More than 50% of mommies own a Haenim sterilizer, making it the most popular bottle sterilizer.

Keep reading for our full review of the Haenim UV Sterilizer, including its pros and cons below!

I would recommend the Haenim UV Sterilizer if:
  • It fits your budget.
  • You prefer a sterilizer with a large capacity
  • You need a sterilizer that is multi-functional – able to sterilize toys, baby cutlery and plates.

Introduction About the Haenim UV Sterilizer

About the Haenim UV Sterilizer

Haenim is a Korean brand and they are particularly well known for their UV Sterilisers. The Haenim UV Sterilizer is the first UVC-LED sterilizer in Korea which uses 9 UVC-LEDs for complete sterilization. It is lab-tested and proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria including CoronaVirus.

Haenim steriliser product image
Image credit: Haenim

Importance of a UV Sterilizer and What to Consider

Importance and Considerations

Sterilizing baby bottles in the early days of your newborn is important as it protects your baby from bacteria. A UV sterilizer can efficiently sterilize baby bottles without the use of water or steam. Simply activate the sterilizer with the touch of a button and it will automatically dry, sterilize and even act as a storage for your baby bottles. 

When purchasing a UV Sterilizer, mommies mainly considered the following factors: 99.9% sterilisation, multi-purpose sterilisation and large capacity.

A bottle sterilizer’s main role is to effectively sterilize baby bottles and should be able to kill all if not most of the bacteria and germs on the feeding items. The best sterilizers can provide up to 99.9% sterilisation.  

It is important to have ample space in your sterilizer. This is to accommodate all the feeding equipment and ensure that the items have some gaps so that they are not touching each other and can be properly sterilized. 


What Mommies Say About the Haenim UV Sterilizer

Mommies’ Thoughts

These are some of the reasons why mommies love the Haenim UV Sterilizer:

  • It is very durable and can last many years
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
Pie chart showing most used bottle sterilizer brands

More than half of the mommies own a Haenim sterilizer, making it the most popular sterilizer.

Pie chart showing how long a bottle steriliser is being used

37% of mommies used the Haenim steriliser for more than two years. The steep price is justified by its long mileage and durability. 


How Do I Feel About the Haenim UV Sterilizer

Personal Experience

The model I own is the Haenim UV Sterilizer. By far it is one of the few big-ticket baby products I have purchased. Although I was taken aback by the hefty price tag, I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision I have ever made!

Haenim steriliser being used

I am an exclusively pumping (EP) mom and I pump several times a day. Considering the number of times I need to feed my baby and sterilize pump parts and baby bottles in a day, it is definitely worth the investment. 

The Haenim UV Sterilizer has a futuristic design that incorporates a big digital display with the time and temperature. This allows me to catch a glimpse of the remaining duration required for the sterilisation to be completed even when I am standing from a distance. 

It also has a large capacity and can accommodate all my baby bottles while giving me ample space to store pump parts and pacifiers. 

One of the features I appreciate is the clean function. The system calculates usage and the button shows up on display when it is time to clean. With so many chores to do with a newborn, this function has made my life easier.

UV sterilizers typically use standard UV lamps that need to be replaced regularly. Thankfully, the Haemin Sterilizer uses UVC LED lamps that do not need to be replaced and there is a 5-year warranty for the LED lamps in case anything happens. This was the real clincher as I did not have to worry about additional costs incurred and the trouble of changing the lamps myself.


Pros of the Haenim UV Sterilizer

Bar graph showing the top 3 factors mommies love about their bottle steriliser

24 mommies voted that they loved the Haenim Sterilizer most for:

  • Its ease of use
  • Large capacity
  • Ability to sterilize other items

Easy to Use 

There are seven functions, auto, turbo, smart, dry, UV led, storage and clean. To activate the functions, you simply tap on the buttons and select the duration you want. It is very straightforward and user-friendly, saving you the hassle of unnecessary steps. 

This is convenient for me as there is only one button to press and the sterilizer will shut off on its own once the sterilisation is complete. As a first-time mom with a newborn, it made my life easier and allowed me to focus on other chores. 

Large Capacity

Interior of a steriliser in use

The Haenim sterilizer has a large capacity that enables you to fit up to 16 bottles. The interior of the sterilizer is separated by racks that can be adjusted according to your preferred height. It can accommodate baby products of various heights and sizes, such as toys and feeding sets. 

The sterilizer can easily fit all of the Hegen milk bottles, hakka, pump parts and pacifier while allowing space for more. Having a large space is important to me as I wanted to use the sterilizer as a sterile storage. There is ample space for me to keep all my items inside.   

Multipurpose Sterilisation

As your little one grows up, the Haenim sterilizer can be used to sterilize kids’ cutlery, plates and even your own items such as cell phones and remote controls. This sterilizer is suitable for moms who want a UV sterilizer that is multipurpose and can be used on items other than baby bottles.  

My daughter is four and a half months now and I see myself using the sterilizer to sterilize her feeding plates and tray in 2 months when I start baby-led weaning (BLW). 

9 UVC LED Lamps 

Compared to UVC lamps, UVC LED lamps have a longer lifespan. The UVC LED lamps have 1,200,000 minutes of lifespan which eliminates the need to replace lamps. It has high sterilising power at 275 nanometer and 9 UVC LED lamps ensure thorough and efficient sterilisation of all surfaces with no dead zone. 

Picture showcasing the9 UV lamps the Haenim steriliser contains
Image credit: Haenim

Turbo & Smart Function 

The 4th Generation Haenim Sterilizer has added new features, the turbo and smart function which is an upgrade from its predecessor. 

The turbo function comes in handy when there are more bottles to sterilize and intense drying is required. 

The smart function is an auto-detection of temperature and humidity for 24 hours. During the 24 hours, this feature automatically dries, sterilizes and ventilates. Sterilisation and ventilation will be activated for 1 minute after the door is open and shut. This technology ensures sterile storage with continuous protection against bacteria. 


Cons of the Haenim UV Sterilizer



On average, a Haenim Sterilizer costs about $500 and is one of the most expensive UV sterilizers in the market. The price is one of the biggest deal breakers for mommies as there are more affordable options.

I was taken aback when I found out about the sky-high price of the sterilizer. Although I was sold by the features and accessibility, I only made the purchase when I chanced upon a group buy as it was out of my budget.   

Long Sterilisation Cycles

There are 3 sterilisation cycles for the Haenim Sterilizer: 30 minutes, 50 minutes and 70 minutes. As compared to steam sterilizers which have cycles as short as a few minutes, the Haenim Sterilizer has longer sterilisation cycles. 

Personally, I do not mind the long sterilisation cycles as the sterilizer has a drying function which helps to dry the baby bottles as part of the sterilisation process and saves me the hassle of doing it myself. 


Places to Purchase a Haenim UV Sterilizer

Where to Buy Haenim UV Sterilizers 

Haenim 4G+ Smart Classic UVC-LED UV Steriliser


Thoughts on the Haenim UV Sterilizer

Concluding Thoughts

I have used the Haenim UV Sterilizer since the birth of my daughter to sterilize all her feeding equipment. It has made my life easier. I cannot imagine how troublesome and inconvenient it would be to sterilize baby bottles so many times per day without the sterilizer. 

Although I may not need to sterilize my daughter’s milk bottles after she turns 1, I can still use the sterilizer to sterilize her toys and feeding sets. Therefore, I think that the Haenim Sterilizer has a long mileage and is definitely worth the investment.

I hope that my review has been able to benefit you with your decision-making on the sterilizer. 

To end this post, I would like to thank my dear mommies, who took the time to complete the survey to make this review possible:

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