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Best Baby Car Seats in Singapore in 2024 Based on Survey With Mommies

If you own a car, one of the items on the top of your shopping list is likely a baby car seat. After all, ensuring the safety of your little one is always the ...

All About the Baby Bonus Scheme: 2023 Enhancement, Eligibility Criteria and How to Apply

Welcoming a child into the world is a challenging yet beautiful journey filled with new experiences (and financial responsibilities!). The Singapore ...

Best Baby Wipes in Singapore to Keep Your Little One Clean and Comfortable

Baby wipes are disposable, pre-moistened cloths designed for cleaning a baby's sensitive skin. They’re typically made from soft, non-woven materials that are ...

Best Diapers in Singapore and How to Choose the Right Fit for Your Little One

Diapers – your little one’s best friend for at least 1.5 to 2 years. Cumulatively, diapers can cost a lot and hence, mommies are always out there looking for ...

Urban Kanga Review: Is the Portable Car Seat Worth It?

The Urban Kanga car seats are perfect for parents who are always on the move, and tend to take taxi rides or carpool often.  I would recommend this ...

How Much Screen Time Should My Child Get?

This is a reflection piece after attending a 1.5h live event hosted by Jeanne-Marie Paynel (Your Parenting Mentor) and Simone Davies (writer of The Montessori ...

6 Best Strollers in Singapore in 2024 – Tried and Tested by Mommies

We surveyed 53 mommies, who used a total of 26 different brands of strollers. Here are our findings: TLDR: If you prioritise storage, go for KEENZ.  ...

Best High Chairs in Singapore for Your Baby in 2024 and Where to Get Them

We surveyed 45 mommies who used a total of 8 different brands of high chairs. Here are our main findings:  In this article, we list the best ...

Parklon Playmat Review: Are these Korean Playmats Worth the Price?

As one of the top leading manufacturers of household mats in Korea since 1993, Parklon is best known for its award-winning playmats for babies and ...

How We Survived Postpartum Without a Confinement Nanny

Hiring a confinement nanny while you are pregnant is quite a common item on the never-ending to-do list of a mum-to-be. My husband and I definitely did ...

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  1. Hello fellow mommy!
    Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words Tricia! It means so much to us at Nuevamae — to know that we manage to touch hearts, and be able to provide some form of comfort :”)

    I am so proud of you for power pumping at work?!?!?! You managed to find the strength and energy to pull through! I found it difficult to even power pump at home, and you did it at work!! Mega supermommy here!

    With your determination, I’m sure you can continue breastfeeding for a long time and your little one will be super appreciative of it!

    We’ll always be here for you!

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