24 Best Postpartum Gifts Moms Would Actually Use in 2024

Stepping into the world of motherhood is an exciting adventure, but it can also be a wild ride! In this article, we’ve rounded up some practical postpartum gift ideas for new moms. Whether you’re a pal, a family member, or soon-to-be a mama yourself, these gifts are all about adding a sprinkle of joy and comfort to the post-baby days.


Who Am I?

Why You Should Trust Me

Hello, I am Serene, a mom to a 3-year-old daughter, and I believe we all have our fair share of unwanted gifts that end up as white elephants in our homes. These white elephants in my house inspired me to write a post like this, to ensure that you receive gifts that are particularly useful and, most importantly, helpful to you as you embark on your motherhood journey! After having gone through my postpartum without a confinement nanny, there were certainly some things I wished I had received!

In order to gain insights into the preferences of parents, particularly mothers, regarding postpartum gifts, we conducted a straightforward survey within our private Facebook group consisting of 162 new moms. From the responses, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to help you select the ideal present for your dear friends!


Summary of Postpartum Gifts You Can Buy

Postpartum Gift Checklist

We separated the gift ideas based on whether they would be for mommies or their little ones. We then further categorized them into individual categories like nourishment, nursing and going out so you can quickly and easily find the right gifts!

Here’s a quick summary of our list:

CategoryPostpartum gift
For mommies
  • Legendairy Milk lactation supplements
  • Confinement food
  • Nursing
  • Silverette nursing cups
  • Medela breastmilk storage bags
  • Nursing-friendly clothes
  • Others
  • Amazon gift card
  • Google Nest Mini smart speaker
  • Aooshine night lamp
  • For little ones
    Going out
  • Ergobaby OMNI 360 baby carrier
  • Baby wipes
  • Flock Three wet bags
  • Feeding
  • Baprons baby apron
  • Bibado Coverall baby bib
  • Bumkins splat mats
  • Reading
  • Indestructibles books
  • Taf Toys High Contrast Activity Book
  • Wonderbly Personalised Storybook: I Love You This Much
  • Playing
  • Manhattan Winkel Toy
  • Magna-Tiles Magnetic Tiles
  • Hape Beach essential playset
  • Parklon play mat
  • Personal care
  • Haakaa nail trimmer
  • Pumpinose Chiboji nasal aspirator
  • Baby essentials gift set
  • 3

    Practical Postpartum Gifts for Mommies

    Postpartum Gifts for Mommies

    These are some practical postpartum gift ideas for every mom, and it’s bound to make their motherhood journey a smoother one!

    For Nourishment

    Great for:

    The low-supply mom struggling with breastfeeding

    After dealing with low supply for two years of my breastfeeding journey, I’ve grown to truly value these lactation supplements!

    Boost your lactation with Liquid Gold, a powerful blend of 6 certified organic ingredients known for their exceptional support: goat’s rue, milk thistle, shatavari, fennel, alfalfa, and anise. This supplement goes beyond the basics, potentially aiding mammary gland growth and promoting prolactin release for increased milk production. Importantly, it’s fenugreek-free, addressing concerns some women have reported regarding fenugreek breastfeeding supplements.

    Confinement Food

    Great for:

    Boosting mom’s nutrition

    This confinement package is packed with essential nutrients, catering to the nutritional needs of new mothers. Balai Threadfin, a popular choice among families with newborns, is known for providing crucial nutrients for child development. Their best-selling Emperor Premium-Grade Codfish is highly recommended for its delicious taste when steamed with garlic and ginger. 

    In addition, the sustainably farmed Norwegian Salmon is a cost-effective and nutritious seafood option that has remained in high demand over the years. These premium selections are designed to enhance postpartum nutrition.

    For Nursing

    Great for:

    The mum with cracked or sore nipples

    Meet Silverette, small 925 silver cups designed to protect nipples during breastfeeding. They’re comfortable, require no creams, and are incredibly lightweight at just 0.1 oz per cup. The anatomical shape fits all nipple sizes without compression, ensuring airflow and preventing discomfort.

    These original silver nursing cups are crafted by licensed silversmiths in Italy, providing relief for sore nipples during breastfeeding.

    Great for:

    Overflowing supply

    Medela’s Breast Milk Storage Bags are hygienically pre-sealed with a double-zipper to prevent leaks, ensuring safe storage in the freezer, fridge, or while traveling. With a 6 oz./180 mL capacity and clear markings for accurate measurement, they make tracking breast milk quantity easy. 

    These self-standing bags include a write-on area for essential information. Plus, their lay-flat design saves space and allows for quick thawing of frozen milk.

    Great for:

    The mom who wants to look great, but breastfeeding

    It’s tough feeling beautiful while breastfeeding. As a pal, you’d love to let your fellow mother-friend know they’re gorgeous and GOOD enough with these maternity clothes!

    This nursing dress is a wardrobe essential for moms. Crafted from soft, stretchy, and breathable rayon fabric that isn’t see-through, it offers comfort and style. With a pull-on closure, it’s easy to nurse in, featuring a round neck, 2 side pockets, a high waistline, and a side split design for a fashionable touch. 

    This chic dress complements your curves and can be dressed up or down, making it versatile for any occasion. It works well as a standalone piece or layered over a jacket. Plus, it’s machine washable for convenience!


    Great for:

    Not knowing what to get!

    Perfect for the friend who doesn’t know what the mother needs exactly! Nothing beats a well-curated and packaged gift card to celebrate the newborn!

    Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

    Great for:

    Playing white noise, lullaby, & setting timers.

    Versatile and user-friendly, this speaker automatically starts in English upon initial device connection and supports multiple languages and global locations. Plus, you can easily switch languages for international use or travel. 

    The compact Nest Mini Speaker seamlessly blends with your home decor, fitting on a nightstand, shelf, or wall. It’s powered by a universal AC adapter, ensuring it works in outlets worldwide.

    Great for:

    Late night feeds or diaper changes without awakening baby

    Minimalist in design, this table lamp adds an elegant, sleek touch to your home decor. It features an open-top beige linen shade suspended over a petite solid wood black base, making it suitable for guest cottages and professional offices. The lamp emits a comfortable, non-dimmable glow, perfect for creating a cozy ambiance in your home when spending time with family.


    Essential Postpartum Gifts for Mommies’ Little Ones

    Postpartum Gifts for Babies

    Aside from gifts for mommies themselves, you can also consider getting some essentials that they’ll need for their little ones such as items for going out, feeding, reading, playing and personal care!

    For Going Out

    Great for:

    Any mother out there!

    After surveying 42 mommies, Ergobaby Omni 360 was voted to be one of the best baby carriers!

    The Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier grows with your child from newborn to toddler (0 – 48 months, 7 – 45lbs) without needing an infant insert. It offers various positions and is crafted from breathable Air Mesh fabric. 

    Padded lumbar support and adjustable shoulder straps ensure lower back comfort, with versatile wear options. It’s recognized as hip-healthy and easily switchable from front to outward-facing with one-handed adjustment. This carrier offers comfort and support for both you and your baby as they grow.

    Great for:

    Practical gift for home and outdoor use

    Baby wipes are a core essential that every mom needs for their babies, especially when heading out. Get your mommy friend a couple of packs of baby wipes to keep them stocked! Just be sure to avoid those containing fragrances, parabens, alcohol, dyes, elemental chlorine phenoxyethanol or MIT.

    Great for:

    Packing for an outing or starting preschool

    Flock Three wet bags offer waterproof and reusable solutions. These double-layered bags are BPA-free, safe for babies, and easy to clean in the washing machine and dryer. They’re perfect for various uses, such as holding diapers, wet swimwear, or dirty laundry. 

    Lightweight and foldable, they’re convenient for any occasion, with a sturdy handle that makes hanging them up a breeze. These versatile bags are your go-to travel companions.

    For Feeding

    If your pal is bent on starting the Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) journey with his/her baby, you could find this list of BLW supplies useful when thinking of gifts!

    Great for:

    Starting solids

    BapronBaby offers an innovative solution with soft-yet-waterproof fabric that’s eco-friendly. These “baprons” (combining bib and apron) provide a comfortable, adjustable fit for toddlers (6m-3T) and preschoolers (3-5yrs). 

    Unlike traditional bibs, they won’t constrict around the neck and can’t be removed by little hands, resulting in less mess during play and meals. Plus, they’re easy to clean in the sink, saving you from headaches and extra laundry.

    Great for:

    Starting solids

    Experience the magic of mess-free mealtimes and play with the No.1 Coverall Weaning Bibs – Bibado. Created by a mother, these bibs are designed to keep your baby impeccably clean and dry during mealtime and messy play. 

    They not only protect your child’s clothes but also save you money and allow your little one to explore food without limits. Reclaim at least 30 minutes of your day with these bibs. It’s no surprise that over 1 million have been sold worldwide!

    Great for:

    Controlling the post-solids mess

    Designed to catch any spills during meals or play, this splat mat is the ultimate protector for floors and tables. Whether your little one is crafting art or having lunch, it brings the magic of Disney to any space. Crafted from the same easy-to-clean, waterproof, and stain-resistant fabric as our trusted SuperBib, you can rest assured there’s no hidden mess between layers. Lightweight and portable, it’s your companion for mess-free adventures wherever you roam!

    For Reading

    Great for:

    The baby who loves mouthing things (you could even purchase more than 1!)

    Indestructibles, the beloved series for babies and parents, redefines storytime. These books are rip-proof, crafted from tough woven material, and waterproof, capable of withstanding chewing and drooling. With vibrant pictures and minimal words, they encourage interactive reading, making them an ideal emergent literacy tool. 

    Lightweight and portable, they’re perfect for on-the-go adventures in diaper bags or during travel. Plus, they meet ASTM safety standards, ensuring a secure reading experience for your little one.

    Great for:

    Keeping baby entertained

    This double-sided high-contrast baby book stimulates infants’ visual senses with black and white illustrations, a baby-safe mirror, textures, and a crinkling feature. It supports sensory development, hand-eye coordination, and language skills in different positions. Ideal for newborns, it fosters healthy sensory and emotional growth. 

    Crafted from safe, eco-friendly materials, it meets ASTM/CPSIA standards, ensuring durability and safety. A great gift for infants and toddlers, sized at 5.5 x 33.5 inches.

    Wonderbly Personalised Storybook: I Love You This Much

    Great for:

    A sentimental and thoughtful gift

    Make your child the star of their own story! Personalize the book with your child’s name and character choice, and witness their name woven into the narrative and illustrations. This heartwarming story celebrates a day of adventures and your limitless love for your child. It’s a perfect gift for various occasions, from birthdays to christenings and everything in between. A beautifully written and illustrated keepsake that will be cherished.

    For Playing

    Great for:

    Keeping an infant occupied

    The Winkel is a baby teething toy perfect for little hands. It features soft, BPA-free teething tubes in a mesmerizing maze and can be chilled for added soothing relief. This colorful and lightweight toy promotes clutching and two-handed play. It also includes a gentle baby rattle in the center cube for auditory stimulation, making it an engaging and comforting choice for infants.

    Great for:

    Longer mileage as this can be used into toddlerhood

    Magna-Tiles: The original and renowned magnetic construction set featuring 100 classic geometric shapes in primary colors. This set is not only developmental but also certified as a STEAM toy, according to Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide in partnership with The Toy Association. It supports the development of fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, cognitive skills, executive functioning, creativity, and more!

    Great for:

    Outdoor fun and laughter

    The Hape Beach Essential is the ideal set for your child’s first outdoor sand play. It includes a premium mesh bag for multiple uses. Perfect for beach or backyard fun, this outdoor playset features a soft and smooth finish with rounded corners for safety and comfort, making it perfect for small hands.

    Great for:

    Any mother without a play mat! (be sure to know the size that suits their house though!)

    We conducted a survey among 34 mommies who have used a total of 11 different play mat brands to determine the best baby play mat. 50% of them use Parklon play mats, which is a testament to their durability and quality.

    Parklon play mats provide superior cushioning for your child’s comfort and safety during various developmental stages like tummy time, crawling, and walking, shielding them from hard floors. Made with high-quality materials, these durable mats are built to last for over 5 years. 

    They’re water-resistant and effortless to clean, making maintenance a breeze. With a double-sided design, you get 2 mats in 1, allowing you to change the look whenever you desire. These mats are suitable for all ages, even newborns, ensuring a secure and comfortable play space for everyone.

    For Baby Personal Care

    Great for:

    Gentle and effective for trimming those sharp baby nails

    The Haakaa electric baby nail trimmer is a safe and effective solution for baby and adult nail care. It trims and polishes nails without harming cuticles or nail beds, offering 360° all-around precision. This 6-in-1 set includes 4 cushioned sandpaper file heads for babies and 2 for adults, including 1 for callus removal. 

    The trimmer operates quietly and features an LED light for use in low-light conditions. It’s easy to use with a single button for speed and rotation control, ensuring softer, smoother nails for all ages.

    Pumpinose Chiboji Nasal Aspirator

    Great for:

    Tackling tricky nose mucus

    Introducing the Pumpinose Hygienic and Quiet Hand Pump – a game-changer for parents! This pump is not only germ-resistant but also noise-free, ensuring a smoother and more cooperative experience for your baby. With strong and adjustable suction power, it outperforms mouth suction and most electric aspirators, allowing you full control. 

    Additionally, its comfortable and safe round nose tip won’t harm your baby’s delicate nostrils. Furthermore, cleaning is a breeze as you only need to wash the mucus container.

    Made in Taiwan with superb quality and a 5-year working life, it’s cost-effective as it doesn’t require disposable filters. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to efficient, safe, and reliable nasal care.

    Great for:

    Kickstarting the motherhood journey!

    These Baby Essential Gift Sets are a complete package of essential items for both babies and parents. This thoughtful gift includes various baby essentials, all chosen to provide comfort and convenience. Whether for a baby shower or welcoming a newborn, it’s a heartfelt gesture that ensures the baby is well-prepared and loved from day one.


    Postpartum Gifts to Avoid

    Unwanted Postpartum Gifts

    Here are a few gifts that our Nuevamammies mentioned they didn’t find particularly useful:

    • Jellycat rabbit: Ends up gathering dust, not getting much use.
    • Newborn clothes: Babies grow out of them so quickly!
    • Chicken essence and bird nest hampers: Sometimes too much to consume, leading to leftovers.

    Final Thoughts About Postpartum Gifts

    Concluding Thoughts

    In the end, it’s not the specific gift that matters most; it’s the thought and care behind it that truly counts. Choosing postpartum gifts for new moms is an opportunity to express your support, love, and admiration for the incredible journey they’re embarking on. 

    Whether it’s a practical item to ease their daily life, a heartfelt gesture to remind them they’re cherished, or a token of appreciation for their strength, these presents hold special meaning. As we celebrate and support the new moms in our lives, let’s remember that it’s the thoughtfulness and consideration behind each gift that make them truly invaluable!

    To all friends out there, your love is all that matters!

    Disclaimer: Nuevamae is not sponsored by any of the mentioned brands or platforms. This article expresses our honest opinion based on our experience and research. Read more about our mission. This article includes affiliate links so we may earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you make a purchase via the link.

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