Your baby goes through different milestones at different stages of life. They develop the fastest in the first 2 years of life and it can be really tough keeping up with the changes. At Nuevamae, we hope to review the products that your baby or toddler may need to grow holistically. Every baby is different – we hope you can groom your child in your unique ways.

Lovevery Play Kits Subscription Review: Is USD432/Year Worth it?

I spend USD432 a year on Lovevery play kits for my children - the total cost would add up to USD1728 over 4 years if I continue to subscribe. Are the play ...

How Much Screen Time Should My Child Get?

This is a reflection piece after attending a 1.5h live event hosted by Jeanne-Marie Paynel (Your Parenting Mentor) and Simone Davies (writer of The Montessori ...

Which Play Mats Are Best for Your Baby and Kid?

We surveyed 34 mommies who used a total of 8 different brands of play mats. Here are our main findings:  Hello! I’m Serene, a mom of ...

Parklon Playmat Review: Are these Korean Playmats Worth the Price?

As one of the top leading manufacturers of household mats in Korea since 1993, Parklon is best known for its award-winning playmats for babies and ...

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