Jetkids Bed Box Review: Is the First-Class Experience Worth It?

The Jetkids Bed Box is a popular product parents buy for their children onboard flights. I personally was intrigued by the design and wanted to give my child a ‘first-class’ experience for our flight from Germany to Singapore.

I would recommend the bed box to parents who are looking for a product that:
  • Can make a long haul flight more comfortable for your child
  • Can transform a seat to a bed 
  • Your child can pull with ease

Introduction about Jetkids

Jetkids by Stokke

Jetkids by Stokke deliver travel-related products, aimed at making our lives better. Whether you and your loved ones travel by plane, train, ferry or foot, Jetkids by Stokke has the necessary products you need for the entire journey. 

They sell 3 products – Bed Box, CloudSleeper and Crew BackPack.

Jetkids by Stokke product image - bedbox, cloudsleeper, crew backpack
  • The Bed Box is a ride-on, carry-on and sleep-on suitcase. 
  • The CloudSleeper is a lightweight and compact travel bed.
  • The Crew BackPack is an expandable bag that is made of waterproof repellent fabric and it can be attached to the Bed Box or stored inside. 

What Ex-Cabin Crew and Mommies Have to Say About the Jetkids Bed Box

Ex-Cabin Crew and Mommies’ Thoughts

My experience with the bassinet hasn’t been a pleasant one. 

Whenever the seat belt sign was on, I had to remove my daughter from the bassinet and carry her on my lap. This disrupted her sleep several times during my 14h-flight from Singapore to Frankfurt. Eventually, I got so frustrated I didn’t even use the bassinet and carried my daughter to sleep. 

I was afraid that this was going to be my experience with the Bed Box – having to remove my child from it or wake my child when the seat belt sign is on.

So I spoke to ex-cabin crew members (just so happens all of my friends were no longer with the airlines) and this was what I gathered:

  • The child needs to sit upright during take-off and landing
  • If the seatbelt sign is on, only the seat belt needs to be put on – there is no need to adjust a reclining seat. 
  • During cases of strong turbulence, you may be told to sit upright. 
  • Great advice: put the seat belt on for your child throughout the flight, so she sleeps with the seat belt on. There won’t be a need to adjust after.
  • Ensure that you are not being assigned a seat at the emergency exit. If you are, you will be told to remove the Bed Box as it will block the exit. (note: if you have a kid, your child is usually assigned a window seat, so you won’t block people from coming out in case of emergency)
Baby hugging a pillow while sleeping in a bed box

We also spoke to mommies who used this bed box to find out about their experiences. This is what we gathered:

  • They loved the item 
  • There were cases when they had to call their kid to sit upright when the seatbelt sign was on 

How Do I Feel About the Jetkids Bed Box?

Personal experience
Baby sleeping in a bed box

I absolutely loved the idea of the bed box turning the flight’s seat into a bed. My daughter moves a lot while she’s sleeping and having this ‘first-class’ experience made it so much more comfortable for her.

Baby lying on her stomach sleeping on a bed box
You can see here that she is even sleeping ON the Bed Box, not even the seat itself. That’s how comfortable it is!

However, as my daughter was only 2 years old, she was able to lie flat on the ‘bed’ to sleep. That means that I was unable to put the seat belt on for her while she was sleeping. Thankfully, there wasn’t any turbulence and there wasn’t a need for my daughter to wear the seat belt. 

Moreover, the Bed Box was unable to fit nicely under the flight’s seat and that meant that I had to put it in the overhead bin. 

Served well as a leg rest

During waking hours, it served well as a leg rest for my daughter to play, draw or eat on the tray. I didn’t have to worry that my daughter might slip under the hole.

Baby sitting on the airplane chair drawing and eating snacks

Quite a hassle to drag around

Apart from it being a great bed, I did not really fancy the function of it being a piece of carry-on luggage. My daughter wasn’t very keen on riding the bed box, and it became quite a burden to drag it around with me. The wheels were incredibly smooth but without the extra weight of the kid, it tended to hit our legs when the adults were pulling it. 

However, the smooth wheels did make it easy for my daughter to drag around. It did not last long though – she quickly got rid of the bed box when she was sick of pulling it.

Collage of images of baby pulling and sitting on the beg box carry-on luggage

Hence, I would definitely recommend it if you are looking to upgrade your child’s economy seat to a first-class seat. It is a bonus if your child is willing to ride on it, or takes responsibility to pull it himself/herself. Don’t bet on that because at the end of the day, my 2-year-old daughter left the Bed Box for us to deal with and it became quite a hassle to drag it around with us. 


Features of the Jetkids Bed Box

Baby holding the contents of the baby box

Turns a seat into a bed

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, you are required to buy an airplane ticket for a child above 2 years of age. This is when the Bed Box will come in handy – it is meant for children above 2 years old.  It is approved by many airlines and is usable on ferries and trains too. It transforms a seat into a bed within minutes and your child would have a very comfortable space to lie on. 

Mattress included 

The Bed Box includes a two-piece mattress for your child to lie on. For a more comfortable experience, you can buy the cloudsleeper

Children can ride on it

Your child can ride on the Bed Box, making going on much more convenient. They even included a top handle for your child to hold on while riding or being pulled. This is perfect for parents who don’t travel with a stroller and would like an option for their child to rest, and not having to walk. 

I personally used it with my 2-year-old daughter, who thoroughly enjoyed being pulled around. The novelty didn’t last for very long though. She ended up wanting to be carried or being dragged on top of our cabin luggage instead.

Carry-on Luggage

The Bed Box has a capacity of 23L and that is almost the size of a normal backpack! However, you have to remember that you will also be putting the 2-piece mattress in there. The mattress would take up a little bit of space as well. 

In the bed box, I could fit about 5-7 books, 2-3 sticker books, a pack of colour pencils and markers. The items I placed in the bed box were mainly for her entertainment while she was onboard. 


Something fun, yet quite necessary to distinguish which Bed Box is yours. My daughter also enjoyed sticking the stickers on the Bed Box. 


Places You Can Buy the Jetkids Bed Box From

Where to Buy

Bed Box

Other Stokke Travel Products

You can buy the cloudsleeper from:

You can buy the crew backpack from: 

You can buy the travel bundle (Bed box and Cloudsleeper) from:

You can buy the travel bundle (Bed Box & crew backpack) from:


Is the Jetkids Bed Box Worth It?

Concluding Thoughts
Jet Kids by Stokke product image

I would highly recommend the bed box if:

  • You have long-haul flights
  • You foresee your child falling asleep during the flight 

For short-haul flights, I would rather have proper cabin baggage or a backpack. It is quite troublesome to drag it around. So I would only foresee myself bringing this if I am going on long-haul flights where I expect my daughter to be sleeping.

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