About Nuevamae

Nueva, a spanish word for ‘new’, signifies this new journey from a mom to a fellow mom.
Mae, originating from ‘May’, signifies the onset of summer, where the world is beaming with sunshine and warmth.

The Nuevamae Team celebrates your new motherhood journey, where a ton of purchase decisions ensue. We cancel out the noise, the fake ‘sponsored’ reviews, and conduct research on your behalf. We strive to write trusted reviews, from mommies who use these products, so you can make better informed choices.

Why is it so tough researching for products

Through our surveys and interviews, we found out that mommies are frustrated with the research process because of:

1. Sponsored & Fake Reviews

The top few Google searches of a particular product tend to be sponsored reviews, full of fluff about the products, making it difficult to trust the details we read. As reviews are imperative to a companies’ survival, many companies are paying “momfluencers”, and customers to write fake reviews, supporting their products. Furthermore, sites that claim to do product testing and comparisons do not actually do them, and are unfortunately, sponsored too.

2. Inconsistent Information Everywhere

When searching for products, people tend to read at least 4 to 7 sources before coming to a decision. Information about baby/mommy products can be scattered everywhere, hard to locate and difficult to organise.

3. Overflowing Google Advertisements

Google Ads disrupt the flow of researching for products and show advertisements instead of information. The founders of Google also realised this themselves when they just started. These ads are cluttering search results, and can be misleading or irrelevant to consumers.

4. SEO Marketing Strategy

Companies strategically exploit SEO marketing tactics to achieve a higher ranking on Google’s search results. Knowing these search engine algorithms could make a company more visible in search results and that makes finding trusted reviews tough.

How Nuevamae simplifies your research process

Here, we answer your burning questions about our solution, and how we do it.


Why should I trust this review site over all the other sites on the web?

Here at Nuevamae, we pride transparency and unbiasedness over fake-review-monetisation. We are not affiliated to any businesses and companies, and we don’t see a need to skew our ratings. Our mommy writers here truly understand the pangs of researching and trying to find a trusted and truthly review about baby and mommy products.

Our mommies work tirelessly, conducting on-the-ground surveys and interviews, and spend endless hours finding the right products for you, so you don’t have to spend another second searching. We will never accept incentives that will affect our reviews, and ratings.

How do you filter out fake and sponsored reviews?

Fake reviews are one of the toughest challenges that even platforms like Amazon do not have under control. Deliberate fake reviews are even harder to detect, even with detailed analysis.

Here are Nuevamae, we are cautious about choosing our sources, and remove sources that are caught getting incentivized to write fake reviews. We seek out sources online and on Instagram, where there are fellow mommies who post truthly reviews about certain products. Curating these sources meticulously is paramount to our mommy writers.

How do we keep up with the times as products are being upgraded constantly?

Product upgrading is the foundation of any good company. Quality and products change over time and some older products tend to be better than the newer ones. We understand that tracking new products and quality changes allow consumers to have a complete picture of how a particular product has evolved. We still value the data regarding older products, even if they aren’t sold in the market anymore. This information provides invaluable insights to how a company has changed and tells us about the quality of a brand over time. 

How do you make money then?

 While we stand firm on never accepting incentives to adjust our reviews or ratings, we do earn commissions from affiliates links to brands/places where you can buy products found on our platform. We feel that this is the most intuitive way to earn an income from all the hard work spent on conducting research, and writing these trusted reviews. Our aim is to help mommies, and hence, we are eager to find out ways to get discounts and voucher codes and list prices from any sellers, regardless of whether there is an affiliation.

The team behind Nuevamae

Nuevamae is a team of inquisitive research mommies who are dedicated to improving how other fellow mommies make purchase decisions about their products and their children’s products.

The founding team of mothers truly understand how frustrating it can get when the web is filled with fake and sponsored reviews. Thus, we started working on Nuevamae out of personal frustrations, so we can save other mummies the headache, and the time in their product research experience.

Hello! I’m Charlotte, the slothful, but digitally savvy one.
I’m the brains behind the organisation of this site, the reviewer of the articles, making them readable to you, and the critic behind the usefulness of these reviews.
Hello! I’m Serene, the research freak, but not so digitally savvy one. I’m the brains behind the words you read, the analyser behind the surveys and interviews, and the researcher behind the details and comparisons you see.

We are so vastly different, but yet we complement each other perfectly well enough to give you, mommies, the ease of purchasing products without having to cross-reference other websites. We aim to be your go-to platform for finding the reviews you need, without having to worry if they’ve been skewed to promote a certain product.

Together with Nuevamae, we hope to make your life easier, so you can utilise that extra hour spending with your baby instead of researching and filtering nonsense.

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